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QR Code Content

QR Code Content
QR codes, also known as quick response codes, 2D barcodes, and mobile barcodes, have rapidly been making their way into the mobile marketing environment, and NeoMedia Technologies, Inc., a leader in that industry’s technology, has published their list of the most effective ways to put them to use.

Some of the points that they recommend include the following:

• Starting early. They recommend that companies begin the use of QR codes and mobile marketing while the technology is still new and during the earliest parts of a campaign, so that development and testing can be done at the least critical time.

• Always keep the customer in mind. A QR code is only as good as the value it brings to the customer. Make sure that the use of the code provides them with something they want and that will help to achieve your business goals at the same time.


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• Carefully place your codes. Make sure that the QR code placement is somewhere that it will be noticed and where it will be easy for the user to scan. For example, in ads outside, place them at arm level or eye level. In print ads, make sure that the barcode is on the document where it won’t be folded or otherwise obstructed. A QR code should be on a screen for at least 15 seconds to give the user enough time to scan it.

• Avoid color. Unless it’s a situation of proprietary QR codes, which may use colors, aim for a black and white code, which are most successfully scanned.

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