BBC brings QR codes to the small screen as part of their latest cooking show

QR Code Marketing

QR Code Marketing 

QR codes have been appearing on TV screens with increasing frequency. Driven by the success and popularity of the codes in print media, advertisers have been taking it to the small screen in the hopes that mobile users will respond well to their efforts. The BBC is the latest network to make use of the codes with their new series “The Good Cook” with Simon Hopkinson, a notable health food writer. The codes are being used for more than just advertisements; they are a part of the show.

The BBC’s new show aims to bring Hopkinson’s cooking knowledge to a large audience. The UK has no lack of shows in this genre, as the broadcaster is keen to cast aggressive and eccentric talent for such roles. Like most of his peers in televised cooking, Hopkinson has a long history with food. A professional chef turned cooking writer, he is well versed in cuisine and will impart his knowledge through the show.

The QR codes appear on screen whilst Hopkinson summarizes his recipes. Scanning the codes brings viewers to the show’s mobile website, where they can find additional recipes and tips for preparation. There is one small problem, however, in that the codes are generally on screen for no more than a few seconds, making it somewhat difficult to scan if one is not prepared.

If QR codes can show their value on the small screen the way they had done with print, there may be more codes showing up in shows in the future.

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