Baby boomer phone service gets a special discount from T-Mobile

senior phone T-mobile baby boomer phone service

The service provider is seeking to draw a specific demographic of wireless customers through new savings.

T-Mobile is seeking to use baby boomer phone service discounts in order to appeal to that targeted consumer demographic. Over the last three years, the company has used this type of strategy to draw more new wireless customers than all its rivals combined.

The provider’s current customer base is heavily weighted toward younger urban demographics.

In order to help close the gap in its customer base, T-Mobile has introduced new baby boomer phone service rates geared toward people aged 55 years and higher. The new pricing launches today and will give both new and existing senior customers the opportunity to register for a $50 unlimited data plan for one person. That said, seniors can also register two phones for service for $60, making it more affordable for couples to join together.

The price without the baby boomer phone service discount is markedly higher, making it worth seniors’ while.

senior phone T-mobile baby boomer phone serviceWithout the senior discount, the typical price for one person’s phone service is $70 and for a couple, it’s $120. Even with the current limited-time sale for service for two phones at $100, it’s still much cheaper for seniors. In fact, this represents one of the best savings opportunities for wireless service among the major carriers.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has led the company to considerable victories in drawing new customers. However, this new registration rate has been slowing. During the first half of 2017, the wireless provider increased its customer base by 2.2 million customers. While this remains a healthy number, it is strikingly lower than the same period of time in 2016, when the figure had been 3.2 million new customers. Moreover, while the company’s stock rose by 50 percent last year, it has seen only 12 percent growth to this point this year.

The company is therefore looking for a new angle and a new target, which is clearly reflected in its baby boomer phone service price reductions. Clearly, T-Mobile is seeking to draw the attention of a new generation beyond the core group of millennials.

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