Awareness of QR codes growing in Germany as companies begin to adopt mobile strategies

QR Code

QR Code
Germany’s Lobbe Group, an industrial waste disposal company, was an early adopter of QR codes when they began appearing in Germany a few years ago. The codes were plastered on a select few of the company’s waste disposal trucks and the response has been favorable. The company is now launching a new campaign that will emblazon their entire fleet of trucks with QR codes. The campaign is being designed to help other businesses connect with the Lobbe Group.

In Germany, QR codes are still uncommon. The codes have seen modest use in marketing campaigns and promotional efforts, but consumers have yet to gain the familiarity needed for the codes to become a viable tool for businesses. Though consumer awareness may be lacking, Lobbe believes that the codes can serve as a useful bridge between companies. The company hopes to influence other businesses to adopt the codes after they have a chance to see how easy they are to use.

Lobbe’s codes resolve to the company’s mobile website, where business information and videos can be found. The website also links mobile users to Lobbe’s social media presence on Facebook. For now, the company’s efforts with QR codes are solely focused on how they can be used to procure new clients and broaden their exposure in the industry. If the campaign is successful, the company may expand their use of the codes in the future.

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