Avanade introduces new augmented reality system for the retail industry

Augmented Reality

Augmented RealityAugmented reality, NFC technology, and the Kinect may be a big hit with consumers

Avanade, a business technology developer, has taken note of the changing retail landscape. Consumers are becoming busier, or at least less accommodating of wait times, as they become more enthralled with technology, especially that of the mobile variety. Wait times have long been an issue that the retail sector has had to deal with. While many consumers are willing to wait to purchase products, excessive waiting can actually drive consumers away. Avanada believes that an adequate solution to this problem may lie in a combination of augmented reality, NFC technology, and the motion sensing Microsoft Kinect.

New kiosk system could make shopping more convenient

This week, Avanade has unveiled a new system designed with retail convenience in mind. The Grab & Go system, as it is called, makes use of augmented reality, NFC technology, QR codes, and the Kinect. This seemingly complex system is housed in a kiosk that is meant to be located within a retail store as a way to provide consumers with a means of shopping more conveniently.

Grab & Go leverages augmented reality to provide better service to consumers

These kiosks are designed to use NFC technology to interface with a consumer’s smartphone or tablet. Augmented reality displays are used to create a virtual shopping environment, where consumers can “grab” products with simple hand gestures. These products are then moved to the consumer’s mobile device. The Kinect allows for the kiosk’s motion tracking capabilities and consumers can use their mobile devices to finalize payments if they choose.

Retailers may not be inclined to diversify focus on mobile commerce

Interactive technology may have the ability to make shopping more convenient for consumers, cutting wait times and encouraging them to visit physical stores rather than do all their shopping online. Whether the Grab & Go system will be picked up by the world’s retailers, however, has yet to be seen, as many are currently investing very heavily in mobile commerce. Retailers may not be prone to diversify their focus after having become so involved in the mobile commerce world.

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