Automated system for ScanTrust QR codes helps to prevent counterfeit packaging

ScanTrust QR Codes - Packages

Lake Image Systems has implemented an automated solution at REYNDERS label printing.

This new automated solution has been designed to inspect and authenticate the secure technology of ScanTrust QR codes on anti-counterfeit packaging.

Counterfeiters are a real problem for many brands.

Counterfeit packaging is a problem for numerous brands including retail, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agro-chemicals and beyond, according to a Lake Image Systems press release announcing its automated verification solution for ScanTrust QR codes.

The unique quick response codes from ScanTrust that are printed onto labels and packaging help to prevent counterfeiters who copy a brand’s packaging for the purpose of selling substandard, illegal and dangerous goods.

In addition to a loss in revenue, counterfeit packaging threatens environmental and public health, boosts organized crime and is damaging to the brand as well as the economy.

ScanTrust QR codes contain unique tech that cannot be copied.

The secure QR code that has been developed by ScanTrust, a secure cloud-based product authentication and supply chain traceability specialist, contains a unique fingerprint pattern that can’t be copied.

During the printing of this quick response code onto labels and packaging, Lake Image Systems provides a camera-based solution in real-time to read, decode and validate the code. The automated verification process also extracts the unique fingerprint image and interrogates the ScanTrust cloud system at the start of each job to authenticate the code.

If a positive response is received from the ScanTrust cloud, this signals to the operator to start printing the remainder of the job. What’s more, during the print job, each QR code is read and validated. The quality and integrity of every unique fingerprint is also assured via an integration with an offline ScanTrust tool.

Lake Image Systems is a leader in providing print quality inspection, integrity management solutions and variable data verification for the label, packaging and commercial print environments. It’s integrated and fully automated system gives Belgium-based REYNDERS label printing the assurance that these QRcodes are visible, readable, validated and authenticated to deliver a highly effective secure label and packaging printing service that is both low-cost and traceable, to a major brand.

“As an organisation, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest levels of quality whilst maintaining operational and ScanTrust QR Codes - Packagestechnical excellence at all times,” said CEO of REYNDERS, Marc Reynders, in the Lake Image Systems PR.

The CEO added that with the combination of the ScanTrust QR codes secure tech and the Lake Image solution, the company can now fully automate their workflow according to their high standards while feeling reassured that they are providing a quality and error-free product to their clients.

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