Autocorrect creator explains why feature can be so ducking annoying

Autocorrect - Frustration

The feature’s creator Ken Kocienda admits that it can be irritating, but that there are reasons for that. If there’s anything that virtually every smartphone user can agree on, it’s that autocorrect is a feature that can be as irritating as it is helpful. The creator of the feature, Ken Kocienda, is in complete agreement but can explain it. According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, the creator of the autocorrect feature in smartphones said that it has become more intelligent over the years. As a result, it is…

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Meta to release data for artificial intelligence research to support green energy

Artificial Intelligence Research - AI Business

The Facebook parent company will release data about catalysts to make hydrogen fuel cheaper to make. Meta has announced that it will be releasing catalyst data for artificial intelligence research that could make it possible to develop a cheaper way to produce hydrogen fuel, a carbon emission-free energy source. Meta’s catalyst data set was developed as a part of a collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University. The data set would be useful in artificial intelligence research used to develop cheaper chemical catalysts that are used in the vital reactions that are…

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The metaverse may not be Meta’s best path to gaining Gen Z leaving Facebook

Metaverse Gen Z

According to a recent study, teens are split as to whether the concept sounds appealing to them. The results of a new survey of Gen Z showed that while Meta may think that the metaverse is the key to capturing those stepping away from Facebook, this might not end up being the case. This new strategy to use virtual reality to build a broader audience isn’t appealing to teens as expected. Piper Sandler recently released a Gen Z research report showing the results of a survey of the generation’s opinions…

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Block is working on creating a new crypto wallet gadget

Crypto Wallet - Cryptocurrency

Jack Dorsey’s company formerly known as square is using a hexagonal device for the purpose. Block, Jack Dorsey’s mobile payment company formerly called Square, is currently working on a new gadget that will work as a crypto wallet. The hexagonal device has a finish that makes it look as though it is one of several types of rock. These hexagonal rock-like crypto wallet gadgets are equipped with USB ports and, according to an image tweeted by Block hardware head Jesse Dorogusker, it may also feature a fingerprint reader. That said,…

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Horizon Worlds is about to get a new VR Wendy’s restaurant

Horizon Worlds - Wendy's Restaruant

The fast-food chain has been teasing that it will be offering a “deliciously different” metaverse experience. Late last week, Wendy’s officially announced that it would be opening a virtual reality restaurant in Horizon Worlds, which it is playfully referring to the Wendyverse. The virtual world was built by a creator community within the metaverse. As of April 2, Meta Quest 2 users started signing into Horizon Worlds – the expanding Meta metaverse platform – in order to experience a Wendy’s restaurant in VR. There, they are able to shoot hoops…

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