Snapchat rolls out AI chatbot to all users

AI chatbot - Snapchat app

The tech, called MyAI, is not unlike the headline-making ChatGPT and initially saw a limited release. Snapchat has announced that the MyAI AI chatbot that had initially been available only to a limited number of users is now being rolled out to everyone. The service makes it possible to talk or collaborate creatively in a new way on the app. The GPT-powered AI chatbot is now being rolled out to all Snapchat users for free. This announcement was made at Snap’s yearly developer conference as the company seeks to carve…

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Your mobile security strategy should include avoiding public charging

Mobile security - Person charging phone using public charging

The FBI is recommending that individuals avoid using public charging ports or risk getting hacked. The FBI Denver has released a caution for smartphone users – so, essentially everyone – to upgrade their mobile security strategies to include avoidance of the use of public charging ports for their smartphones and other similar devices. While public charging ports have become very popular, their use comes with a considerable risk. When a smartphone battery is running low, the sight of a free public charging port in a mall, airport, coffee shop or…

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Samsung plans to make its Galaxy Watch 6 better looking

Galaxy Watch 6 - Samsung Building

The electronics giant is expected to unveil the new and more appealing smartwatch in August. Samsung is expected to show its Galaxy Watch 6 to the world for the first time in August, and speculation about the device suggests that there will be some notable improvements in the way the smartwatch looks. The brand is already well known for quality, attractive devices but the company isn’t stopping there. According to some of the latest Galaxy Watch 6 leaks on sites known for getting it right, the Samsung smartwatch is going…

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Amazon will flag frequently returned products as a heads up to shoppers

Frequently returned products - Amazon - Keyboard

The new tag is meant to encourage consumers to research the item they want to buy. Amazon is adding a new tag to label some of the items being sold through its website and app, in the form of a frequently returned product message. The tag will be used to flag items that are often returned after they’ve been purchased on the platform. The frequently returned product tag isn’t meant to tell people not to buy an item. Instead it is meant to give people a heads up that they…

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Could your wearable technology stop your medical devices from working?

Wearable technology - Fitness Tracker - Workout

Should you be wearing a Fitbit if you’ve also got a pacemaker? Wearable technology such as fitness trackers and smartwatches have become extremely popular, as bioimpedance sensing tech help us to keep track of a number of helpful health stats. However, according to new research, that same tech could be affecting the way that implanted medical devices, such as pacemakers, function. Smartwatches, smart rings, smart scales, fitness trackers and other gadgets can all cause interference. The study was published in the Heart Rhythm journal showed that a broad spectrum of…

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