Gen Z prefers mobile wallets to cash and bank accounts

Mobile wallets - Person paying with mobile

Millennials are also open to accepting digital transactions as well as cryptocurrency. As the American government takes steps to adopt but also regulate cryptocurrency, research is showing that some people in the US and a dozen other countries are more willing to use mobile wallets with those digital coins than others. Younger customers find crypto to be more appealing than cash and bank accounts. Survey results from global payment platform provider Thunes recently showed that Gen Z is interested in using cryptocurrency for making purchases and investments, among other transactions.…

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Using virtual reality can lead to temporary depersonalization and derealization symptoms

Virtual Reality - VR User - Tech

The symptoms are mild and transient, but clearly impact an individual’s sense of what is real. Newly released research has placed the spotlight on the way virtual reality (VR) can have an impact on the way a user interprets what is real. The research is still considered to be preliminary but indicates an unexpected impact of VR use. The result of the virtual reality study was published in the Computers in Human Behavior journal. Researchers had been observing preliminary indications that using VR could produce feelings of alienation directed inward…

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Jack Dorsey feels he is “partially to blame” for today’s internet condition

Jack Dorsey - Regret over Twitter

The co-founder and former CEO of Twitter and co-founder and CEO of Block is regretful. Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter and co-founder and current CEO of Block (formerly known as Square), recently tweeted that he has regrets about the current state of the internet and that he is “partially to blame” for it. He recently tweeted that he feels guilty about Twitter’s role in the formation of a centralized internet. In the recent tweet from Jack Dorsey, who has already announced his intentions to leave Twitter in…

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Porsche and Holoride team up for in-car virtual reality technology

In-car virtual reality - Porsche car wheel

The companies are working together to provide a VR experience in which passengers shoot “bugs”. Porsche is developing what it believes will be a new way to keep child passengers of its vehicles’ enthusiasts entertained using an in-car virtual reality experience. The kids of visitors to the automaker’s Experience Centers wear VR goggles and shoot bugs. Admittedly, it is likely that it will keep some of the adult visitors to the center entertained as well, as the in-car virtual reality tech isn’t exclusively a child-focused experience, even if kids are…

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Apple slashes one fifth of its new iPhone SE production

iPhone SE

The American tech giant is reportedly cutting down on its production budget shortly after launch. Apple is reportedly cutting its iPhone SE production in China by about 20 percent, less than two weeks after the new smartphone was first launched. According to media reports, the decision was made due to demand far lower than anticipated. The American technology giant has requested that its suppliers cut back on iPhone SE production, the new budget 5G smartphone retailing for $429. The reduction is by about 20 percent of the initial orders, reducing…

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