Australian shopping centers gets plastered in QR codes

QR Codes

QR Codes

Melbourne Central adopts QR codes to promote retailers

QR codes are making their way to the Melbourne Central shopping center in Australia, where they will be used to sell a variety of products. Retailers located at the mall are expected to embrace the codes, which will be plastered at various locations throughout the shopping center. The codes will enable consumers to find information concerning particular brands and their products, as well as make purchases of these products from the smart phones or other mobile devices.

Popularity of codes in marketing and commerce is growing

The codes are becoming rampantly popular in the retail industry. QR codes are most often used in the marketing industry, where they are powerful tools for companies looking to reach out to mobile consumers. In this field, the codes have been relatively successful. Retailers are beginning to expand their use of QR codes, however, by allowing consumers to use them to make purchases with a simple scan. QR codes will be used in this way by a handful of retailers that are located at Melbourne Central, while other will be using the codes to promote their brands.

Consumers will be able to use the codes to find valuable information and discounts

QR codes will be affixed to a large wall located at the shopping center, which will be loaded with various brands. When the codes are scanned with a smart phone or other mobile devices, consumers will be able to find information concerning a particular brand. Some of these codes will also include mobile coupons and other deals meant to encourage consumers to visit shops at Melbourne Central.

Shopping center may choose to continue using QR codes in the future

Melbourne Central officials believe that QR codes are an ideal way to connect with mobile consumers. These consumers have, in the past, responded well to mobile marketing campaigns that make use of QR codes. Retailers have had trouble promoting QR codes amongst consumers, but the codes seem to be gaining traction. If the shopping center’s latest initiative proves successful, this is not likely to be the last time QR codes are seen at Melbourne Central.

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