Augmented reality used to develop new vehicles

augmented reality in cars

augmented reality in cars

Mercedes-Benz turns to augmented reality to develop 2013 GL-Class

Mercedes-Benz has been taken a significant step in revolutionizing the auto industry with its adoption of hydrogen fuel cells. Though the automaker has an unerring enthusiasm for fuel cells, it is beginning to expand its use of other technologies, especially those that may assist in the development of new vehicles. For the first time in automotive history, a mixed reality development tool, which is comprised of augmented reality and other interactive technologies, was used by the automaker to develop the new 2013 GL-Class.

Technology allows automaker to develop vehicles more efficiently

Using the augmented reality design systems of the tool, vehicle developers were able to test various different scenarios concerning the GL-Class’ design and how these design elements might interact with the real world. In the past, digital scenarios were run simultaneously with physical ones. This would lengthen the development process and would often add to the overall cost of production due to the numerous changes that were being made to new vehicles. The Use of augmented reality is expected to change that.

Augmented reality finding more practical uses

Augmented reality is most often used in the fields of marketing and entertainment. The technology has found particular success in the mobile space where it is often used in applications. Augmented reality is beginning to break free from its status as a novelty technology, finding more practical uses in numerous industries. Mercedes-Benz believes that the technology could help it create vehicles more efficiently. Digital models and simulations will allow the automaker to make more efficient changes to vehicles before they reach the production stage.


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Mercedes-Benz not alone in its use of augmented reality

Mercedes-Benz is the first automaker to make use of augmented reality for the development of a new vehicle, but not the first in the industry to use the technology in some way. Toyota, as well as others, is currently working on augmented reality windows for new vehicles, which will help drivers with navigation or keep passengers entertained on long trips.

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