Augmented reality used by Sony to highlight PS4 camera

augmented reality sony ps4 the playroom

A trailer called “The Playroom” has now been released as an introduction to the PlayStation 4 console.

Though Sony has now come out with many details regarding its PS4 game console, including its price and the fact that it will allow used games to be played – unlike its primary competition, the Xbox – it has not had much to say about its new controller sensing camera other than the latest release that it provided through an augmented reality trailer called “The Playroom”.

The company held a two hour press conference to discuss the console and never once mentioned the camera.

It was after that point that they announced that the camera would be sold separately from the console, itself, allowing the consumer to choose the function and price point that best suits his or her needs. The company then released a new trailer called “The Playroom”, with augmented reality, which provided a sneak peek into what Sony has up its sleeves.

The trailer showed the use of mini games using augmented reality technology with the PS4.

One of the augmented reality games included a type of Pong spinoff. It functions by using the built in speaker from the controller and the capacitive touchpad. According to Sony, the AR is a “new experience made possible by the DualShock 4 Controller and PlayStation Camera.”

Aside from this augmented reality game trailer video, Sony has not placed a large amount of focus on its camera feature. This shows that the company is taking an entirely different direction from Microsoft and its Xbox, which has made its comparable feature a central focus.

Sony has stated that the footage that is displayed in its trailer with augmented reality comes from the PS4, which means that it will provide the type of experience that would make it feel as though a flying droid is heading in your direction to light your hair on fire in the comfort of your own living room. Though the video is nearly the only thing that the manufacturer has said about the camera, Microsoft has been making its own motion sensing Kinect platform the heart of its early marketing efforts.

As the PS4 will be priced at a full $100 less than the Xbox One, Microsoft is likely hoping that the augmented reality and other experiences – including used games – offered by Sony won’t provide its own players with as much value so that it will be able to draw them to purchase the considerably more expensive console.

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