Augmented reality transforms pizza boxes into video games

augmented reality hell pizza box

A New Zealand pizza chain is giving customers the opportunity to use their mobile devices for an enhanced experience.

Hell Pizza, a chain of restaurants in New Zealand, has decided that the box in which their product is delivered is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of what augmented reality has to offer, so that its customers can enjoy an enhanced experience through images that appear to come to life in a video game.

To take advantage of this AR technology, customers simply need a smartphone and a pizza box.

The device needs to be aimed at the Hell Pizza box, and the augmented reality features will appear to come alive before their eyes. The game on the box is called Zombies From Hell. It was created by One Fat Sheep, an advertising agency. It provides customers with a game that they can play in which they can win various prizes, such as free sides and pizzas at the restaurant.

To begin, the customers simply need to download the augmented reality game app for iOS or Android.

The augmented reality app is available for free at Google Play and the iTunes App Store. Then, once their mobile device is equipped with the application, they simply need to order a pizza from the restaurant. When the app is installed and opened, the players aim the device camera at the pizza box and this will automatically launch the game as the box appears to become a new digital world on their device screen.

Zombies From Hell is a relatively simple game that just happens to have an augmented reality twist. It is a survival game from attacking zombies, set in the major cities throughout New Zealand. The purpose of the game is to use weapons to shoot at attacking zombies in order to earn points, collect bonuses, and receive rewards in the real world that they can redeem at Hell Pizza locations. Among the various available prizes are free pizzas, free chicken tenders, gift vouchers, and others.

The augmented reality game has now been launched in New Zealand and is open to residents of that country. It is certain that similar companies around the world will be paying attention to the success of this promotion in order to consider a similar strategy for their own restaurants.

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