Augmented reality to be examined at Cinematic Innovation Summit in Dubai

Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality Technology

Dubai Film Festival teams with others to launch the Cinematic Innovation Summit

The Dubai Film Festival has partnered with the Center for New Cinema and Naseba, a conference organization, to launch the Cinematic Innovation Summit. The summit will take place before the Dubai Film Festival in December this year. The event is meant to examine the economic value of cinematic technology and how this technology could be used in multiple different industries. Some of these technologies have already proven valuable in the game industry and in advertising, leading Dubai Film Festival officials eager to examine the further uses for such technology.

Summit expected to draw attention to augmented reality

Augmented reality is expected to be a topic of the summit that will attract a great deal of attention. The technology has had a significant impact on marketing and gaming and has become famous in the world of mobile applications, but it is not solely a mobile technology. Augmented reality has proven itself to be useful for a multitude of purposes, but its practical uses are still somewhat limited due to the lack of experimentation with the technology. Those already invested in augmented reality believe that the technology could have a profound impact on the world once it expands beyond the mobile sector.


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New technology could be having a profound impact on media

Dubai Film Festival chairman Abdulhamid Juma believes that the world’s media ecosystem is being transformed by new technologies. These technologies may hold the keys to the future of several industries, including cinema. Augmented reality, in particular, has already been linked to heightened interactive experiences for the entertainment, marketing, and game industries.

Augmented reality may open up a new future for interactivity

Augmented reality is most often used in mobile applications that provide consumers with a particular service. Companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are working on designing augmented reality systems that will expand the uses of the technology, but these systems are not expected to be available for some time.

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