Augmented reality systems controls computers through eye movements

Researchers create computer system that can register eye movement

Researchers from the Imperial College London have developed a new technology that leverages augmented reality as a way to help the disabled use computers. The system created by researchers utilizes a pair of glasses that are equipped with motion sensors and augmented reality software. The system is capable of registering the movements of a user’s eye and translating them into commands that can be deciphered by a computer. Though the system does not make direct use of augmented reality in the sense of painting digital images on the real world, it still utilizes the technology in an innovative way.

Augmented reality may benefit those with disabilities

Those with disabilities and muscle atrophy are the targets for the new computer system. Researchers from the Imperial College constructed the computer system using common materials, thus making it more affordable to those that may benefit most from its use. An initial prototype was constructed to show off the capabilities of the system and its use of augmented reality technology. A simple video has been produced, seen above, which depicts a Pong-like game being played using nothing but eye movements.


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Practical uses of augmented reality technology gaining more attention

Augmented reality has, for the most part, been confined to the realms of marketing and entertainment. The technology has excelled in these two fields, managing to garner the affection of consumers all over the world. As such, the demand for augmented reality has been increasing. This demand has spurred advancements in augmented reality technology, paving the way for more practical uses of the technology.

Technology may help solve some of today’s problems

Augmented reality may be able to provide hours of entertainment and engagement for many people, but it may also be an unlikely solution to some of today’s problems. Researchers from the Imperial College have shown that augmented reality could be an effective way to create more accessible computer systems for the disabled. This accomplishment may serve as a foundation upon which greater feats is augmented reality technology can take form.

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