Augmented reality system from Will Powell serves as a high-tech translator

Project Glass augmented reality video

Project Glass sparks inspiration for technology enthusiast

Google’s Project Glass has sparked a great deal of inspiration in the technology world. This is especially true in the realm of do-it-yourself augmented reality. Will Powell, a technology enthusiast and IT director for Oxford Entrepreneurs, has managed to gain some attention for his innovative use of the Project Glass concept. Project Glass makes use of augmented reality technology, which is used to create digital imagery and superimpose this imagery over the real world environment. Powell has a knack for taking DIY augmented reality to a new level.

Augmented reality system translates foreign language into familiar text

Powell has created a new augmented reality system that is based on the simple concepts of Project Glass. His new system focuses on language barriers and seeks to close the language gap that divides cultures through the use of augmented reality technology. Using a pair of Vuzix Star 1200 glasses, a microphone, and a Raspberry Pi computer, the system is able to comprehend a language and translate it into the native tongue of the user. The translation appears as a text subtitle on the display of the glasses.


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System could be a boon for frequent travelers

Powell may have found a powerful and practical use for augmented reality technology. The intrepid programmer has developed a system that could be a boon for those that frequently travel to other countries for pleasure and business. Powell is not the first to create an augmented reality system that translates languages, but he may be the first to incorporate the system into a pair of augmented reality glasses.

Augmented reality may become an unlikely solution to some problems

The inspiration ignited by Google may not be isolated to Powell. Other technology enthusiasts are beginning to try their hand in the realm of augmented reality as well. Because of augmented reality’s versatile nature, it is impossible to guess how many different applications the technology could have. If more practical uses for the technology could be discovered, augmented reality may end up being the solution to some of today’s most prevalent problems.

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