Augmented reality shopping cited as a future trend by IBM Research

mobile shopping

mobile shopping

IBM Research creates new application that could better facilitate augmented reality shopping

IBM Research, the research and development arm of the IBM Corporation, believes that augmented reality shopping is the way of the future. Indeed, augmented reality has been becoming more popular among consumers, but this is primarily due to the technology’s use in the field of entertainment and marketing. As proof that augmented reality shopping will become a powerful trend in the retail industry, IBM has created a prototype mobile application that acts as a user’s personal assistant while at a store.

App to provide consumers with a variety of services

The prototype application would provide consumers with a variety of information concerning the products they are looking to purchase. Users can simply input the products they are looking for into the application, which will then use these criteria to produce appropriate results and help the user find sales on those particular products. The entire application is based on augmented reality technology, which will be used to direct consumers to particular locations and provide them with more information concerning the items they are interested in.


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Augmented reality shopping beginning to garner more interest from consumers and retailers

Augmented reality shopping is a relatively new concept that has been receiving more attention as the demand for interactivity grows amongst consumers. Augmented reality has proven to be quite popular with consumers who are tethered to mobile devices, a fact that is becoming more apparent to retailers around the world. The need to accommodate this demand is reaching a new high and companies are beginning to look for ways to better facilitate the shopping habits of their customers.

Application could be branded by retailers

IBM Research believes that its augmented reality shopping application will show retailers how consumers could be making use of augmented reality in the future. According to IBM, the application can be branded by retailers who then make it available to consumers. From there, the retailer can provide customers with a wealth of services through the augmented reality shopping application.

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