Augmented reality Samsung wearables are on their way

Google Glass augmented reality games and phone technology

These mobile devices are reportedly slated for possible September unveiling.

Samsung is already the top manufacturer for smart and mobile devices in the world ranging from smartphones to tablets, watches, televisions, ovens, fridges and, yes, even the kitchen sink, and now it is taking the chance to get into the augmented reality technology sphere with its own glasses.

A new report has been made by a major newspaper in Korea claiming that Samsung intends to compete with Google Glass.

The tentative name of the product is the Galaxy Glass, could be receiving its unveiling at Berlin’s IFA trade show which will be held in September of this year. According to one of the officials from Samsung, they don’t believe that wearable augmented reality devices will be immediately profitable. However, the official added that by releasing a steady line of these mobile devices, it will underscore the company’s solid commitment to remaining a leader within the new market spaces.

The angle taken for the release of this augmented reality device is being compared to that of the smartwatch.

augmented reality glasses and phoneThe Galaxy Gear smartwatch was the largest new product launch of 2013. In this technology news, it is clear that Samsung is determined to remain within the very cutting edge of the wearable sector, despite the fact that it is not predicting that these efforts will be profitable for the first while.

The Galaxy Glass wearable mobile devices will function by connecting to a smartphone. T hey will allow a user to manage calls, listen to music, and replicate the companion functionality of Gear. It also brings to mind the patent that Samsung purchased in Korea last year for a so-called pair of sports glasses.

This more than hints at the concept that the most successful partner that Google has with its Android operating system is indeed looking to become a more direct competition with that search engine and technology giant. It will be interesting to see how the augmented reality glasses from Samsung stand apart from those that have already been on the limited market under the Google Glass label for some time now.

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