Augmented reality reading program met with success in California

Augmented Reality Video

At one California school, a new interactive reading program is having big results. The Lorena Falasco Elementary School in Los Banos, California, has been using a reading program developed from Logical Choice Technologies, a developer of education technology, and the initiative has been a big hit with the children at the school. Principal Jane Brittel believes that the program is having such a positive impact on students because it uses augmented reality as a way to tech.

The program is called Letters Alive and is one of the first augmented reality programs of its kind. The program is designed to make learning engaging, which, in turn, makes learning more effective. Using augmented reality, students are able to interact with various virtual figures, such as animals and cartoon characters that teach them the basics of reading and writing. Principle Brittel says that the program is making a real difference in the skills of the students.

According to a recent study from the National Center of Education Statistics, 67% of all fourth-grade students in the U.S. have “below proficient” reading skills. The education community is becoming increasingly concerned with these results and has begun working to improve the skills of students by adopting new teaching techniques.  Augmented reality has, thus far, proven effective and could be the best way to get kids to learn more effectively.

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