Augmented reality promoted in electronics show through “Magic Remote”

Augmented Reality
By online Markerter Guru, Jason Fladlien

Augmented RealityThe LG consumer electronics brand has launched a new AR device for Smart TV.

LG’s presence at the Gadget Show Live included a new augmented reality “magic remote” device that was being plugged through their “The Magic is In Your Hand” experience.

The new device allows gestures and voice commands to operate a consumer’s Smart TV.

The augmented reality experience featured a device that would allow consumers to use their voice commands and gestures to use their Smart TVs. It was also being demonstrated at a number of different shopping centers in order to boost awareness for holiday shoppers.

The augmented reality display was created by TRO Group, in combination with Inition.

It was made up of two massive banks of LG displays along video walls. This allowed consumers to use the new “magic remote” and experience the augmented reality to help them to understand how it would work in their own homes for their televisions. The displays involved a number of different tests and challenges, including being able to feed wild polar bears or to defuse a bomb.


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According to James Barnes, the account director at TRO, “‘The Magic is in Your Hand’ road show is a celebration of LG Smart TV’s unique magic remote technology that allows the public to take control of their augmented reality experience to create a truly unique video for them to share with friends.”

Barnes went on to say that the brand decided to be unique and “experimental” about the way that they would be showcasing their latest products, such as their Smart TVs and accessories. This was to draw more attention to what consumers have available to them throughout the holiday shopping season. He pointed out that the augmented reality installation placed the focus on being able to communicate to the customer how “immersive” the Magic Remote nature truly was.

It provided a large screen augmented reality interactive experience, said the Inition creative technologist, Stuart Cupit. He added that the combination of the AR experience with a number of different types of content that are available through the brand’s television devices, allowed participants to obtain a solid feel for the content.

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