Augmented reality photos come alive with a new HP experience

augmented reality greeting cards

augmented reality greeting cardsThe latest service from the company allows users to incorporate video into their still images.

HP has just announced the release of its HP Live Photo service, which provides consumers with an entirely new and enhanced image printing experience through the use of printed photographs into which short video moments have been embedded.

At the moment, this experience is available only to iPhone users, through a free app.

The HP Live Photo App is currently designed exclusively for iPhones. It gives users the ability to create, share, and view images using augmented reality enhancements that are powered by the HP company, Aurasma, which is currently an AR leader. The app allows the user to bring still images and moving moments together.

HP believes that this augmented reality service will change the way that users view images.

They also feel that it will begin to alter the way that people give greeting cards and share stories from their memories. The free app is available through the App Store. To create the augmented reality experience, a short video (of 45 seconds or less) can be uploaded from the iPhone device. A number of automatically generated still images are generated based on the video, allowing the user to select the one that he or she likes the most. A fun template can then be added, and the image can be printed and shared.

According to the Aurasma general manager, Annie Weinberger, “Augmented reality is the new medium for bringing the physical world to digital life and HP Live Photo puts the power of this technology into the hands of everyday consumers.” She went on to say that the HP Live Photo service not only builds the surprise and excitement associated with the receipt of a printed greeting card, but for the first time, these printed materials will allow mobile video to be viewed.

The service has connected print and digital media in a brand new way. Moreover, the augmented reality images can be shared online, such as over Facebook or through email. Users can also print the AR images using any AirPrint-enabled printing device.

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