Augmented reality may have a bright future ahead

Augmented Reality app

Augmented Reality appAugmented reality could see major adoption in the coming decade

Augmented reality is quickly becoming a technology that is pushing the boundaries of marketing, entertainment, and consumer engagement in many industries. The technology has won the favor of consumers because of its interactive nature and its ability to provide these people with dynamic digital content. Businesses have become enthralled with the technology because it represents a d new way to engage tech-savvy consumers. Global Information, a leading publisher of market research, has released several reports concerning the capabilities of augmented reality and the future that the technology will enjoy.

Report highlights the potential of augmented reality in revenue generation

One of the reports published through Global Information by SmarTech, a leading market research firm, highlights the ten-year prospects augmented reality can have for revenue generation across various hardware, software, and advertising services. The report, called “Opportunities for Augmented Reality: 2013-2020, A Market Forecast and Technology Assessment,” suggests that new business models are emerging that could change the way augmented reality is used and that these models are attracting significant attention from investors interested in the technology.

Mind Commerce provides insight on practical augmented reality

Another report conducted by Mind Commerce and published by Global Information highlights the potential of augmented reality in the telecommunications sector. Augmented reality applications for mobile devices are already very popular around the world, but the report suggests that they have yet to reach the height of their popularity. Companies like Layar and Metaio, who have established a strong presence in the augmented reality market, are introducing new advancements to the technology that expand its capabilities. The report also shows that augmented reality is beginning to make progress in more practical realms, such as construction, and the technology could soon become a very valuable tool for anything beyond marketing and gaming.

Technology begins expanding into new fields

Augmented reality has already established itself in the fields of marketing and entertainment. The technology is becoming more common in gaming, which much of the game industry showing interest in the technology’s capabilities. The technology has seen little development in the practical world, however, until very recently. Augmented reality has proven somewhat useful in the medical and construction fields, thus driving more attention to the practical uses of the technology.

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