Augmented reality may have a future in medicine

augmented reality medicine

AR continues to gain attention as a practical medical tool

Augmented reality is well on its way to establishing itself as a premier medical tool. The technology has long been considered little more than a gimmick used to entice consumers and provide entertaining digital content to people with smartphones and tablets. AR has recently been seeing more practical uses, however, especially when it comes to the medical field. Doctors are beginning to take AR more seriously and utilize the technology in surgeries and in providing patients with more detailed information concerning their health.

AR receives praise from medical professionals

As augmented reality gains more momentum in health care, the need for a platform that can provide doctors and other health care professionals with AR capabilities is becoming more apparent. Surgeons have praised AR for its ability to aid in complex procedures and medical doctors have begun to favor the technology for the convenience it offers them. The problem, however, is that many believe that a comprehensive AR platform that can be used across a wide variety of devices does not exist. Fortunately, such a platform is a reality.

Innovative platform makes AR more valuable to health care professionals

augmented reality medicineEvena Eyes-On Glasses are designed to be an augmented reality platform that encompasses a wide range of devices, mobile or otherwise. The glasses are able to interface with smartphones, tablets, and equipment that is commonly found in any hospital. It is able to provide augmented reality digital displays to health care professionals that can make them more proficient in their duties. For instance, a nurse using the glasses is able to easily find a patient’s vein by following a digital display, making injections easier to perform.

AR becoming more practical

The practical uses of augmented reality are not yet well understood. The technology has been constrained to entertainment and marketing for several years, only recently gaining more attention as a practical tool. The existence of Evena’s Eyes-On Glasses shows that augmented reality could have a practical future, especially if it continues to gain the attention of the medical field.

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