Augmented reality kiosks unveiled by Chariot Co. Ltd.

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Company utilizes augmented reality to develop innovative kiosks

Japan’s Chariot Co. Ltd., a developer of augmented reality systems, has announced the launch of a new brand of kiosks that are meant to provide retailers with more interaction with consumers. The kiosks were unveiled at the Tokyo International Toy Store, which was held last month in Japan. The kiosks were demonstrated as part of a presentation from the Happinet Corporation, a toy manufacturer. The demonstration showcased the company’s latest toy series, titled “Domino World.”

Technology continues to prove itself as a powerful marketing tool

Augmented reality has inhabited the realm of entertainment and marketing for some time. The technology is gaining significant attention for its capabilities of connecting with consumers and providing them with an engaging experience. In marketing, augmented reality has successfully managed to gain the approval of consumers, many of whom had already been enthralled by mobile technology. Chariot believes that augmented reality could bring some much needed interactivity to the toy industry in Japan and around the world.


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Augmented reality kiosks to present consumers with 3D content

Consumers will be able to bring a Domino World package to a kiosk, which is equipped with its own camera, to experience 3D content that will be displayed on the package, which can be viewed on the screen on the kiosk. The augmented reality system is designed to make the 3D content it produces interactive, allowing consumers to manipulate the content to a certain degree.

Dynamic content could revolutionize the toy industry

Timothy Sullivan, AR project director for Chariot, believes that the incorporation of augmented reality could revolutionize the toy industry. By providing consumers with access to dynamic content, they may be more inclined to make purchases of particular products. Augmented reality has already proven itself to be a powerful marketing tool and it is expected to continue playing this role for the foreseeable future.


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