Augmented reality interactive blocks safely combine different elements

augmented reality educational science experiment

Without ever requiring safety gloves or goggles a number of different science experiments can be performed.

The latest augmented reality app from Daqri is now being created to allow interested minds to be able to combine various elements from the periodic table in safety and comfort.

The Elements 4D Interactive Blocks allow the user to directly interact with the various elements.

Each of the blocks has a carving of a different periodic table element. Through the use of the augmented reality app from Daqri, the user can then interact with each of the elements in a direct way.

augmented reality educational science experimentThe augmented reality application is available for both the iOS and Android operating systems and is free.

It is the augmented reality technology feature that truly brings the experience to life. On their own, the blocks don’t appear to be very much at all, but through the app, when a smartphone or tablet is aimed at the blocks, the elements appear to come to life within the blocks.

The user can not only interact with the different elements through the blocks, but the augmented reality technology also makes it possible for the elements to interact with each other. In fact, when different elements are combined, the app displays the form of chemical reaction between those two elements and produces a visual show of how it could appear.

This is a promising experience for people who would like to see and learn about various elements and their combined reactions, but who would rather not risk getting singed in the process.

At the moment, the Elements 4D Interactive Blocks project is trying to raise enough funding to move forward through a Kickstarter campaign. Daqri has previously taken part on hundreds of other projects that have involved augmented reality and that have been both creative and unique. This technology is beginning to make its way into a number of different industries ranging from marketing to education. This emerging technology is likely to be headed toward a very promising future, particularly as a growing number of people use their smartphones and tablets for a larger number of daily activities.

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