Augmented reality glove could enhance interaction between physical and digital worlds

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Augmented reality continues to be a popular subject for many technology companies

Augmented reality seems to be the all the rage in the world of technology recently. Many companies, both large and small, have taken to developing some form of augmented reality device or mobile application. A small group of intrepid technology developers have produced an innovative device that could have far reaching implications for various industries. The device is called T(ether) and is an augmented reality glove. Wearers of the glove can, quite literally, get their hands on the digital world.

Device incorporates array of motion capture cameras

T(ether) is currently designed to work with the iPad platform. Developed by Matthew Blackshaw, David Lakatos, Hiroshi Ishii, and Ken Perlin, the augmented reality glove is meant to facilitate more in-depth interaction between the physical and digital worlds. Wearers of the glove are able to interact with digital objects that are represented on the screen on an iPad. The augmented reality glove can be used to create virtual environments using hand gestures and little else. A number of Vicon motion capture cameras are used to make this interactive feat possible.


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Augmented reality glove could change the course of AR development

Augmented reality is becoming a widely popular technology. The demand for high-tech interactivity has been growing in recent years and has, apparently, reached a point which technology companies can no longer ignore. These companies have taken to developing a wide variety of augmented reality devices – the most popular of these devices being eyewear. None, however, have take to developing an augmented reality glove.

Video showcases the capabilities of augmented reality glove

The developers of T(ether) have produced a video that shows off the capabilities of the augmented reality glove. The video shows how the glove can be used to create digital environments and how these environments can be manipulated with hand gestures. The video also shows how the Vicon motion capture cameras are used to make the entire system functional.

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