Augmented reality glasses unveiled by Sony in prototype form

Sony Smart eyeglass augmented reality glasses

They have now come out with the first form of the Smart EyeGlass, which allows both eyes to see the display.

Sony has now come up with a prototype of augmented reality glasses that could, one day, give Google Glass a run for its money, as the Smart EyeGlass features a built-in projector for displaying images and text that will be visible in both eyes.

Apps for this wearable technology include everything from mapping to cooking.

These augmented reality glasses appear to be – at least in their prototype form – an attractive pair of traditional looking eyeglasses that have been slimmed down and have integrated a viewing screen into each of the lenses. The wearable technology functions as a kind of secondary viewing screen for Android smartphones, presenting the information right in the sight of the wearer, displayed overtop of their view of the real world around them.

These augmented reality glasses function through the use of a very small projector and hologram system.

Sony Smart eyeglass augmented reality glassesTogether, they display an image that is crisp and green into the vision of the wearer, appearing to be hovering about two meters (about 6 and a half feet) in front of the individual. According to the Eyeglass projector technology developer, Hiroshi Mukawa, “We’re developing some with industrial applications in mind, but our strengths are not in business so our primary focus is the mainstream consumer,” adding that “Of course, that’s very challenging.”

These AR glasses have an integrated camera that is mounted onto the left lens They also have a gyroscope, accelerometer, and a compass that allows the device to track the motion of the head of the person wearing them. They use Bluetooth and WiFi to connect to Android based smartphones and give apps the opportunity to use the device for providing heads-up information.

At a recent event, the augmented reality glasses were demonstrated, including the use of apps that are compatible with AR technology. Among them included Wikitude, Cookpad, and others. The Smart EyeGlass impressed many of the viewers with its ability to recognize faces and reveal the names of those individuals to the device wearer – a feature that could be very handy in avoiding awkward meetings in which a name has slipped one’s mind.

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  1. Jan Michael Georg Böhm

    H* 2all of you,

    I’m writing this comment, because I have a vision. Imagine you are wearing glasses that communicate with the PC. This is how it works: Humans only see a certain number of images. What if every so-and-so picture is a QR code that transmits information to the glasses? So that the code is not visible to the human eye…

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