Augmented reality glasses to be tested by NYPD

Google Glass Augmented Reality
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The police department in New York City is keen to give Google Glass a try.

It has recently been announced that the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is starting to test the Google Glass augmented reality glasses to help them to be able to use technology to serve and protect.

There are a number of features from Google Glass, such as face recognition, that could be helpful.

This trial could have police officers wearing augmented reality glasses to help them to gain information more quickly and easily while keeping their hands free for other tasks. It is important to note that this use of the Google Glass wearable mobile devices does remain in its early testing phase, so residents and visitors to the area shouldn’t expect to see a pair of the spectacles on every law enforcement officer that they see, just yet.

That said, it is not difficult to identify which people are wearing the augmented reality eyewear.

Google Augmented Reality GlassesThe Google Glass wearables do have a few characteristics that make them easy to spot. The opportunities that these could conceivably provide to police officers are practically endless. It gives these the ability to benefit from apps, internet content, and other features, all displayed in front of their eyes without having to involve the use of their hands on portable device.


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In theory, it would give a cop the ability to walk past someone and obtain information about who he or she may be based on recognition technology so that it could be determined whether or not there is a wanted for a warrant. The idea is that a “bad guy” could be spotted right away by the wearer of Google Glass.

The NYPD have confirmed that this trial of the augmented reality technology is, indeed, underway. It has also confirmed that there are a number of these devices in their possession already. That said, they have not provided a great degree of specifics other than that they will be used primarily for patrol purposes and that they are essentially looking at the way that the gadgets work and how they could be used in a practical sense.

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