Augmented reality glasses from Sony may be coming

Sony Augmented Reality

Sony Augmented Reality

Sony shows interest in augmented reality

Famed electronics and technology company Sony has been begun to embrace augmented reality more readily. The company, which has deep ties to the game industry, has been feeling the pressure from its competitors to adopt augmented reality technology and provide consumers with a new experience. Consumers have shown a great deal of interest in augmented reality and its various uses, with much of this interest being directed at Google for its hyped Project Glass. Project Glass aims to bring augmented reality to eyewear, a concept that Sony itself may be working to implement.

New patent shows plans for augmented reality glasses

The Japanese company has filed a new patent that details its own version of augmented reality glasses. The patent suggests that Sony’s augmented reality glasses, which are currently unnamed, will include a variety of features that are meant to make the glasses a full-fledged entertainment system. The glasses will be equipped with a camera, microphone, two speakers, and LED emitters that are capable of sending signals to mobile devices. The lenses of the glasses will be able to change transparency depending on the augmented reality content that is being viewed.


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Glasses to feature a number of entertainment tools

Sony’s patent filing suggests that cross-promotion is a viable option. The augmented reality glasses could open the way for new types of interactive advertisements, which could be engaged anywhere. The glasses could also be used for mobile commerce, allowing consumers to make purchases through augmented reality displays.

Sony yet to reveal details concerning augmented reality glasses

The patent was filed by Sony in the first quarter of 2012. The company has shown a great deal of interest in augmented reality and its applications in the game industry. This interest may translate into an augmented reality glasses product. Sony has not yet made any official announcement concerning a mass market product making use of augmented reality.

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