Augmented reality glasses patent filed as Facebook Oculus takes the next step

augmented reality glasses patent (note: these are not real ar)

The social network filed a patent this month, showing an early design of the new AR wearable technology.

Facebook Oculus filed an augmented reality glasses patent earlier this month which reveals drawings of an early prototype design for this type of wearable technology. The social network giant has previously confirmed its interest in pursuing this type of tech.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has spoken about augmented reality technology on a number of different occasions.

In fact, it comes as no surprise that the company filed an augmented reality glasses patent as Zuckerberg has called the tech the future of consumer electronics. What is interesting about the filing isn’t necessarily that it occurred but that it shows some preliminary details about the direction the company may be planning to take.

This patent filing indicates that Facebook has plans to recreate the way digital entertainment users experience their media. The social media giant acquired Oculus back in 2014 and the new filing appears to be for a pair of somewhat traditional looking glasses which feature transparent displays where the lenses would have been.

The Facebook Oculus augmented reality glasses patent is only the latest step the company has toward AR technology.

augmented reality glasses patent (note: these are not real ar)Zuckerberg has spoken quite a bit about his beliefs in the tech and how it should be used to improve the home entertainment experience. This indicates that the Facebook CEO may be picturing AR glasses as the next hot consumer electronics device. This could mean he believes this wearable technology may represent a revolution in electronics not seen since the smartphone took off.

Oculus isn’t new to the alternative reality experience. This AR device is only its latest development as it has already been heavily involved in virtual reality, for which the brand is best known. The most recent patent filing only solidifies its position in augmented reality.

If the predictions suggested by the augmented reality glasses patent are accurate, it would could turn home entertainment on its head. So far, AR experiences for consumers have been very limited but the potential for the tech is far from having been reached by the limited experiences of Google Glass or Pokémon Go.

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