Augmented reality glasses from Google may have app support

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Google augmented reality glassesGoogle continues to promote augmented reality Glass

Google Glass continues to attract attention, but not always in the good way. While Glass has managed to enthrall the interests of consumers with its augmented reality capabilities, the high-tech eyewear is beginning to see the competition grow more serious. Numerous technology companies are emerging with plans for their own wearable augmented reality systems, some of which may actually beat Glass to the market. In order to keep the attention of consumers focused, Google has been lauding the potential features for its glasses.

Glass continues to cause some uncertainty among consumers

Glass’ augmented reality capabilities have been suspect for some time. Google had hinted in the past that the glasses may not actually launch with augmented reality features. This caused concern among consumers that had initially been won over by the company’s use of the technology. Earlier this year, Google revised its consensus, suggesting that augmented reality would, indeed, be a major part of Glass. There has been a question surrounding Glass that has caused some uncertainty, however, and that is whether the glasses will support applications in the same way other mobile devices do.

System to support mobile applications

Google has remained relatively silent on the issue, claiming that the initial launch of Glass will come with some tools for developers. An intrepid Glass user named Lance Nanek has, however, found information that suggests that the eyewear will support a wide range of applications. Nanek has successfully introduced an Android application to his pair of Glass and has found that the glasses have the software and technology necessary to support augmented reality applications based on the Android operating system.

Glass may find success through support of apps

The ability to support third party applications may be a major boon for Google Glass. Other augmented reality systems lack this capability, largely due to the fact that they do not use mobile operating systems. Moreover, app support gives ambitious developers a chance to break into augmented reality and gain exposure in the Glass market, which Google expects will be relatively large when Glass launches at some point in 2014.

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