Augmented reality for vehicle safety

augmented reality in cars

augmented reality in carsAugmented reality gaining traction in the auto industry

Augmented reality is a dynamic technology with vast potential. The technology is most often used in marketing and entertainment, providing consumers with access to digital content that can be superimposed over the real world. Consumers have praised augmented reality for the engagement it can offer and this has encouraged marketers and those in the entertainment industry to put more focus on the technology. Augmented reality can be used for much more, however, and may soon become one of the best safety features the auto industry has to offer.

Report highlights the possibilities of interactive technology

Reportlinker, a provider of market research reports covering a wide range of industries, has released a new report called “Augmented Reality in Vehicular Safety Systems.” The report highlights the possibilities of using augmented realty technology in transportation and how the technology can be used to help drivers be safer. The report notes that one of the most promising aspects of augmented reality is its capability to identify threats in real time. As such, a safety system using the technology can highlight potential dangers that drivers may encounter while on the road and help these drivers avoid such threats.

Technology can provide drivers with valuable information

Augmented reality can also be used to provide drivers with an assortment of real time information that they may need, such as directions to specific locations. The technology can also inform drivers of the status of their vehicle, keeping track of tire pressure, speed, and fuel consumption and providing this information as a digital display. The report suggests that there are many uses for augmented reality in the auto industry, some of which have yet to be discovered.

Fate of augmented reality in the hands of consumers

Some automakers have already shown support for augmented reality technology, with some developing systems that will paint digital displays on a vehicle’s windshield. The report suggests that companies outside of the auto industry will also begin showing support by developing third party programs that relate to vehicle safety. The fate of augmented reality in the auto industry largely hinges on whether consumers will accept the technology or not.

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