Augmented reality firm raises $1.5 million in Seed funding

Augmented Reality apps

ResolutionTube wins more financial support

ResolutionTube, an augmented reality collaboration platform, has announced that it has raised $1.5 million in Seed funding from the Madrona Venture Group and various other private organizations. Investors have taken an interest in ResolutionTube’s interest in developing mobile augmented reality experiences that could replace traditional customer service. The company believes that customer service can be made more effective and engaging through the use of interactive technologies that are not already present in this particular field.

AR expands beyond entertainment

Augmented reality is most often associated with entertainment and gaming. The technology is also used quite frequently in advertising and has won the favor of marketers due to its interactive nature. Because of AR’s common uses, it is not typically considered a practical technology that can be used in an effective manner outside of the entertainment and advertising sectors. Therefore, AR is quite uncommon in the customer service field.

Customer service may be revolutionized through AR

Augmented Reality appsResolutionTube believes that businesses can benefit from leveraging augmented reality as a customer service tool. The company aims to develop a collaborative platform where companies can work together to make use of AR in an effective and efficient manner. The funding that the company has raised will aid in the development of this platform and provide the company with some flexibility when it comes to working with others in the AR field.

Practicality of AR is becoming better understood

Demand for highly interactive services is growing among consumers as they become more tech-savvy and reliant on their mobile devices. Augmented reality is ideally positioned to meet this demand in a variety of ways. The practical uses of AR have not yet been fully explored as many companies have focused on the entertainment aspects of the technology. AR is becoming more common in the medical and engineering fields, however.

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