Augmented reality devices could save companies millions

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Augmented reality devices could hold a great deal of economic promise

Google Glass is often touted as a potentially powerful social networking and engagement tool due to its use of augmented reality. While such estimations may be accurate, Glass may also be a major boon for businesses. According to market research firm Gartner, Glass, and similar devices, could help businesses save $1 billion a year within the next five years. Augmented reality has a role to play in these savings as the technology unlocks new forms of communication.

AR can change the way businesses communicate

Hands-free access to the Internet can make communication more efficient for companies. The use of augmented reality could allow businesses to hold dynamic, real time conferences and meetings that do not require people to leave their offices or homes. Beyond meetings, the technology can also be used for training purposes, giving new employees a virtual walkthrough of the duties they would have to perform while on the job. Such virtual guides could be quite beneficial in the fields of technical repair and health care.

Augmented Reality head mounted displayField service workers could be more efficient with AR glasses

Gartner suggests that the greatest savings businesses will see through the use of augmented reality devices will come from field service. Devices like Glass can help a technical diagnose and resolve problems quickly and without the need to bring additional experts to the scene. Even if a technician needs assistance from someone with more training, augmented reality can superimpose an expert’s virtual presence over any location. This type of real time communication could make field work more efficient i the future.

Augmented reality may become common among companies within five years

Within five years, Gartner predicts that 10% of companies with field service workers will be using Google Glass or similar devices. The firm notes that many IT organizations are already examining the capabilities of augmented reality devices and what benefits these devices could bring to field service work. It may only be a matter of time before Glass and similar products become quite common among these companies.

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