Augmented reality contact lenses worn by people this week

Augmented Reality contect lens (not actual device)

CES will represent the first time that the public will see AR contacts on actual humans.

With a true science fiction feel to the technology, human ready augmented reality contact lenses will be worn at CES, which is running from Tuesday through Friday, this week, and will represent an important leap forward for the tech.

AR tech has been seen in a growing number of forms from windshields to various kinds of glasses and wearables.

These augmented reality contact lenses are the latest in this development that would give a sci-fi-like experience to the wearer who would be able to see information projected onto the eye so that it can seen as an overlay on top of what is actually being seen. There has been a considerable amount of anticipation associated with this sector of the wearable technology marketplace. Though previous types of contacts have been created, they were nowhere near this latest development, as others were not ready to be worn by humans and were capable of only a single pixel.

These augmented reality contact lenses are certain to attract a massive amount of attention.

Augmented Reality contect lenses (not actual device)The device, called the iOptik system, is from Innovega, a startup that is seeking to dive into the future as quickly as possible. They have been working on creating lenses that can be worn directly on the eye and that will read light from projectors that have been fitted to glasses. This allows the company to take a step closer to being the very latest and most advanced in AR tech. This places the startup in direct competition with giants such as Google, who want to dominate the market in this technology.

Google’s Glass devices, wearable glasses-like devices, remain within their “Explorer Program”, which is the name of their beta. That said, rumors have suggested that prescription lenses look to be coming soon from that company’s AR technology. The testing period for the devices have already generated considerable controversy as people express apprehension when they see others wearing them in public settings, and after the first traffic ticket has already been issued to a woman who was wearing the glasses while driving.

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