Augmented reality coin from Royal Dutch Mint is the first of its kind

Augmented coins

Augmented coins

Agency produces world’s first augmented reality coin

The Royal Dutch Mint has announced that it will issue the world’s first augmented reality commemorative coin next month on behalf of Banco Central di Aruba. The silver coin will feature one of Aurba’s most iconic animal; the Shoco owl. Native to Aruba, the owl has become a symbol for the country’s residents. The coins will contain augmented reality content that has been developed by the Royal Dutch Mint. This is not the first time that the agency has produced currency that is embedded with digital content, but it is the first time that augmented reality has been used with physical currency.

Digital content to provide consumers with information on Shoco owl

The augmented reality content that is embedded in the silver coin can be unlocked through a smart phone. The content will provide consumers with information concerning the unique properties of the coin itself as well as some insight on the Shoco owl. Those engaged in the content will be able to find videos that depict the owl’s daily life. These videos are interactive, allowing consumers to decide what content they want to see at what time.


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Augmented reality continues to impact numerous industries

Augmented reality has become a popular piece of technology in the mobile world. The technology is often used for entertainment purposes or to provide consumers with navigation information. Augmented reality has managed to garner the adoration of consumers because of its interactive nature and ability to bring static content to life. The technology has made its way into numerous industries, but has never before been used in currency of any kind.

Content can be accessed through Layar mobile application

The Royal Dutch Mint believes that the technology will help provide some insight to consumers concerning the Shoco owl. The content contain within the coins can be accessed through the Layar mobile application, which is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.


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