Augmented reality causing waves in the print news industry

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technology news

Newspapers begin turning to technology to compete for the support of consumers

The advent of technology, especially mobile technology, has dealt a significant blow to the print industry. Though each facet of the industry has suffered in some way, the news sector has managed to bounce back through the use of technology. Augmented reality, in particular, has become a very beneficial tool for the news industry in regards to print. Because of the technology’s interactive nature, news publications have been able to successfully use augmented reality to engage consumers in a new way, providing them with an experience they have grown accustomed to seeing in online mediums.

The Star introduces iSnap feature to bring augmented reality to its pages

The Star, Malaysia’s most read English news publication, has introduced a new featured called iSnap. The feature is designed to bring new life to the newspaper by enabling it to provide consumers with interactive and dynamic content. Using a smart phone, consumers are able to access the digital content that is embedded within the pages of The Star. This content can range from simple text to interactive video and everything in between.


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Augmented reality gains favor for its interactive nature

Augmented reality is often used in marketing and entertainment. The technology has become famous in the mobile world, with many applications being designed around its various capabilities. These capabilities have not gone unnoticed in the news world, especially in terms of print. Though print news may be suffering from dropping subscription rates and a reduced authority concerning advertising prices, the use of augmented reality has managed to rekindle the affection of tech-savvy consumers.

Technology may be able to assist the print industry

Whether augmented reality is capable of saving print news is impossible to say for certain. The Star is not the only news publication to make use of the technology, however, and augmented reality is becoming much more popular for the potential benefits it can bring to print. The technology is beginning to expand to countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, and the U.S., where a large number of tech-savvy, yet devout print lovers still show their support for print news.

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