Augmented reality catches the eye of Anahata Technologies

augmented reality marketing

augmented reality marketingAnahata Technologies to begin examining augmented reality

Anahata Technologies, an Australian company that specializes in software development, has announced that it is beginning to pursue augmented reality technology. The technology has been gaining a great deal of attention recently, largely due to its interactivity. Augmented reality is often used in entertainment and marketing to engage tech-savvy consumers, and Anahata Technologies believes that augmented reality is perfect for mobile applications. The company has plans to examine the capabilities of the technology in order to determine how it can be used to develop new applications.

AR applications becoming increasingly famous among consumers

Augmented reality applications come in a variety of forms. Some are strictly meant for entertainment, offering users a way to stave off boredom by playing interactive mobile games that are superimposed over the real world environment. Other applications are more practical, leveraging augmented reality for seemingly mundane tasks such as shopping. Consumers have shown that they are very interested in augmented reality applications of all kinds due to the fact that these applications allow for more dynamic experiences than typical applications.

Challenges exist that complicate augmented reality development

Anahata Technologies faces some challenges in its pursuit of augmented reality. The first of these challenges is how to develop an effective cross-platform application that makes use of the technology. Augmented reality is notoriously hardware intensive, making its performance on older iOS and Android mobile devices lackluster, thereby keeping the technology out of the reach of some consumers. Moreover, both platforms make use of different coding languages, thus creating augmented reality applications for both platforms can be time consuming and labor intensive.

Company could face strong competition in mobile apps space

Anahata Technologies has not announced any specific application that will make use of augmented reality. For now, the company is invested in examining the capabilities of the technology and discovering the best ways it can overcome the challenges it faces therein. If the company does decide to develop an augmented reality application, it will be faces with staunch competition in the mobile space, as many other software development companies have shown a strong interest in the technology as well.

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