Augmented reality catches the interest of Lonely Planet

Augmented reality-Lonely Planet

Augmented reality-Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet teams with Layar to produce new mobile application

Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide book and digital media publisher in the world, is diving into the world of augmented reality. The company has announced that it will be using augmented reality to encourage consumers to make use of its various digital platforms. Lonely Planet’s latest initiative is meant to promote digital products without detracting from the sales of its acclaimed travel guide books. The company has partnered with Layar, a leading developer of augmented reality technology, for its latest endeavor.

Augmented reality could provide travelers with memorable experience

Using Layar’s augmented reality technology, Lonely Planet will provide consumers with access to travel-related digital content. This content will often take the form of videos and photos that depict particular locations around the world. Consumers will also be able to find weather information concerning their destinations as well as find activities in the areas they may be visiting. All of this will be done from a mobile device through the use of an application developed by Layar.


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Layar application could find favor with tech-savvy consumers

Augmented reality has become a popular piece of technology in a number of industries. The entertainment capabilities of the technology has garnered it a great deal of attention from tech-savvy consumers. Lonely Planet believes that augmented reality could be a good way to reach out to consumers who are finding themselves deeply entangled in the world of mobile technology. The company believes that the new Layar application will be a welcome addition to the company’s portfolio of 150 mobile applications currently in use around the world.

Augmented reality trials being conducted with European City Guides

Lonely Planet is currently testing the Layar augmented reality application in 42 of its European City Guides. The application is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. If the initial trials prove successful, the company may have plans to expand its use of augmented reality technology.


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