Augmented reality can return sight to the blind with a new pair of bionic glasses

Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality TechnologyBionics have always been considered to be well nestled in the realm of science fiction. There is no doubting that technology has progressed to a point in which the concept can be applied to the real world, but current applications of bionics are still cumbersome. A group of scientists from the Oxford University in London, however, may be pushing bionic technology to the next level, with the help of augmented reality.

British researchers are working on a pair of high tech glasses that will, hopefully, help the blind see again. The glasses rely on complex AR mapping technologies. Cameras are built into the frames and an LED array takes the place of traditional lenses. The frames also house a processor that is capable of rendering high-quality AR displays.


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The wearer can interact with the AR displays as they would with any physical object. Commonly used objects, such as cell phones and keys, are highlighted so that they can be found easily. Facial recognition software can also be put to use with the glasses and if the wearer has difficulty seeing in low-light situations, the glasses can illuminate the environment.

The device sounds complicated, but researchers say that all the technology required to make it possible already exists. The only trick is putting it all together and finding out whether it is as practical a solution as they say it is.

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