Augmented reality campaign launched by Destination New South Wales

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

Tourism agency utilizes augmented reality to connect with foreigners and natives alike

Australia’s Destination New South Wales tourism agency has launched a new marketing campaign that makes use of augmented reality. The tourism agency has chosen augmented reality because of its interactive features. This interactivity has won the technology the acclaim of the marketing industry as a whole. Advertisers are beginning to make use of augmented reality to connect with consumers who have been on the lookout for more chances to engage in dynamic digital content.

Interactive technology gaining ground with consumers all over the world

Augmented reality has managed to gain favor in the tourism industry as well. Destination New South Wales believes that its latest augmented reality campaign will be a hit with tech-savvy travelers and natives. For the campaign, the agency partnered with the numerous Westfield shopping centers found throughout Sydney. The campaign, called “Make Some Our Time,” costs approximated $3 million and is the first time the Australian government has invested in augmented reality in the realm of tourism.


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Augmented reality advertisements will give consumers access to prizes and information

A series of outdoor advertisements will contain augmented reality experiences, which can be unlocked through the use of a smart phone or other mobile device. These ads will be associated with contests that give consumers a chance to win cash prizes or vouchers for spending a certain amount of money. The campaign will also provide participants with information on local destinations that would be ideal for a resting period between work and sightseeing.

Australian government may throw more support behind augmented reality in the future

According to the Ministry of Tourism, the Australian government has plans to double its expenditure on augmented reality in tourism by 2020. This plan hinges on the success of Destination New South Wales’ augmented reality campaign, however. Thus far, consumers have shown a great deal of interest in augmented reality, but familiarity and comfort with the technology still remains low. Destination New South Wales will have to make the use of augmented reality more commonplace before the government will be inclined to spend ample amounts of money toward its adoption.


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