Augmented reality campaign from V Energy shows off high-tech music video

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V Motion Project takes off in New Zealand

V Energy has launched a new marketing campaign dubbed The V Motion Project. The campaign is quite different from conventional marketing in that it utilizes augmented reality. The first installment of the campaign took place on the streets of Auckland, New Zealand, where a music video was filmed. Like other music videos, this one makes use of dynamic imagery for the sake of stimulation. Unlike other music videos, however, its soundtrack is created through the use of augmented reality and motion capture.

Kinect creates digital landscape using augmented reality

Using the acclaimed Microsoft Kinect platform, V Energy was able to create and project a virtual environment on the side of a large building in Auckland. The digital imagery that was created simulates a high-tech DJ’s turntable, which is activated through a series of gestures. The Kinect registers these gestures and initiates an audio experience associated with certain triggers embedded within the digital environment.


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Video documents the creation of music using augmented reality

V Energy has made the video available on YouTube (seen above). The company notes that the video was recorded live and that the system depicted in the video is fully functional. It is the first step in the company’s V Motion Project, with any more music videos likely to make their way to the Internet in the future.

Interactive technology beginning to become more popular amongst consumers

Augmented reality is proving itself to be a powerful marketing and creation tool. V Energy has shown the creative capabilities of augmented reality by designing a digital music landscape that it fully interactive. Because of its interactive nature, augmented reality has managed to win the favor of consumers as well. Being able to interact with digital content rather than passively experience it has many consumers demanding the use of augmented reality be expanded. This demand is spurring the rapid incorporation of interactive technologies, such as augmented reality, into the world of marketing.


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