Augmented reality brings children’s books to life

augmented reality book cover

Education and augmented reality continue to mingle

Augmented reality continues to generate traction as an education tool. This week, Edutainment Systems, a developer of interactive technologies, has announced that its new augmented reality service is ready and available to the public. The company’s Digital Book App service is designed to leverage the power of augmented reality to make reading more engaging for students. Currently, the service is meant to appeal most to young students and works well with books that have strong artistic elements.

New service designed to bring books to life

The Digital Book App uses augmented reality to bring book characters to life. The application presents these characters as 3D images that have some interactivity with the world around them. The service is designed with engagement in mind and fully supports voice acting, 3D animation, reading assistance, and several other features that can significantly enhance the reading experience. While the service is primarily designed to benefit young people, it may have promising uses in the future in the fields of entertainment and gaming.


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augmented reality book coverService could turn tedious studies into engaging experiences

Augmented reality is quickly establishing itself as one of the fastest growing education tools in the world. The technology is proficient in turning seemingly mundane tasks into fully interactive and dynamic experiences. For students, this technology may be able to turn tedious studies into entertaining experience that do not sacrifice educational value for enjoyment.

Service may be a boon for the print industry

While the Digital Book App service may be a powerful education tool, it may also be a boon for the publishing industry. Children’s books have yet to go out of fashion, but have suffered in the wake of mobile technology in much the same way other sectors of the print business have. Publishers may look favorably on a service that leverages the power of technology to release products that are more engaging for a generation that has become strongly connected to all forms of technology.

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