Augmented reality blends with e-commerce on new platform from Zugara

Augmented reality-Zugara eCommerce

Augmented reality-Zugara eCommerce

Startup creates platform to enhance e-commerce through augmented reality

Zugara, a technology startup based in Los Angeles, California, is looking to revolutionize the world of e-commerce by adding in a dose of augmented reality. The startup has created a new e-commerce platform called PrestaShop. The platform is meant to provide shoppers with the ability to try on clothes before they make a purchase. This is accomplished through the use of augmented reality. The startup claims that its platform is the first of its kind, though augmented reality has been used in the past by European retailers as a form of virtual dressing room.

Interactive technology beginning to gain traction amongst retailers

Augmented reality has generated a great deal of hype in the worlds of gaming and entertainment. Because of its interactive nature, augmented reality is often considered a valuable marketing tool as well. Some retailers have been known to use the technology to allow consumers to try on virtual representations of popular clothing lines before they make purchases. Zugara hopes to expound on this concept by providing U.S. retailers with a similar system that could be used with their online storefronts.


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Platform allows shoppers to try on virtual clothes

The platform makes use of a webcam connected to a shopper’s computer. A shopper can then browse through a collection of digital clothing. Using augmented reality software, the platform them allows these shoppers to see how a particular article of clothing would look on them. If satisfied, the shopper can make a purchase, which can either be picked up at a local store or delivered to their home.

Augmented reality may be an ideal way to reach new consumers

Zugara plans to make the platform available for retailers on a cost-per-click basis. By combining augmented reality with e-commerce, the startup may have found a way to engage a new generation of consumers that are both enthralled by technology and more apt to do their shopping online as opposed to in a physical store.

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