Augmented reality applications developed by South Korean military

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Military develops nine augmented reality applications

The practical applications of augmented reality are currently somewhat rare. The technology is often used in the fields of marketing and entertainment. As such, augmented reality is often considered a gimmicky technology that serves limited purpose beyond the fields it is commonly used in. More organizations are beginning to explore the practical applications of augmented reality, however, as is the case for the South Korean military, which has developed nine mobile applications that make use of the technology to enhance operational capabilities.

Practical uses of augmented reality gain attention of military industry

The South Korean military has announced that its new augmented reality applications will be utilized to make official operations more efficient and effective. The military has chosen to use augmented reality after conducting a series of tests concerning the usefulness of the technology and how it can be implemented into combat units. According to military officials, augmented reality has proven itself to be more capable than the traditional radio devices that have long been used throughout the military industry.

Samsung Galaxy S II to be used by military

The capabilities of the augmented reality applications have not yet been released, but they will be used on Samsung Galaxy S II smart phones. The smart phones will be connected to servers operated by the Ministry of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff. Speculation suggests that the augmented reality applications will be used for real-time video streaming, accessing location information and military communications.

Augmented reality applications may become common amongst military one day

As mobile technology becomes more advanced, the use of augmented reality is expanding. Augmented reality applications are already common in marketing and entertainment, but they are becoming much more so for other industries, such as construction and the military. The South Korean military is among the first in the world to make use of augmented reality in an official capacity but is not likely to be the last.

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