Augmented reality application from Proton shows off new vehicle

Augmented reality -Preve

Augmented reality -Preve

Automaker utilizes augmented reality to market Preve

Malaysian automaker Proton recently released its new Preve vehicle to the Asian market. The Preve is physically available in many Asian countries, but its digital availability is much more universal. The automaker has launched an augmented reality application that is available for the iOS and Android platforms. Proton notes that the application will allow consumers to get a great deal of experience with the Preve and its various features before they make a purchase.

Augmented reality garnering more attention in the auto industry

The use of augmented reality is relatively rare in the auto industry, but has been gaining more traction in recent years. The technology is beginning to see more use as a marketing tool by many automakers. Those that inhabit the cutting edge of technological innovation, such as Toyota, Honda, and Mercedes-Benz, have begun using augmented reality to enhance the features of their future vehicles. Proton believes that augmented reality could be an effective way to connect with consumers and provide them with valuable vehicle information.


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Application will allow users to experience the Preve’s features

The Proton Preve Augmented Reality application, as it is called, will provide users with the ability to interact with a 3D representation of the vehicle from their smart phones. Users will be able to view the vehicle from various angles as well as browse the interior features of the vehicle. Enthusiastic consumers will also be able to schedule a test drive in the new Preve through the use of the application.

Proton may plan to make use of augmented reality in the future

Proton is not the first to make use of augmented reality and will not likely be the last. Though the company’s use of the technology is somewhat limited, the success of its application may provoke further uses of the technology in the future. For now, Proton will focus on marketing the new Preve through the use of augmented reality as well as other mediums.

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