Augmented reality’s day is rapidly approaching

Augmented Reality Marketing

Example of Augmented Reality Shopping
Augmented reality has been in development over a number of years, but until very recently, it has been much more of a theory than something that could be usable in the large scale. That, however, looks as though it will be changing very soon due to the rapidly developing technology of smartphones and other mobile devices.

Augmented reality is a kind of technology that will allow the users of certain devices to view digital content as an integrated element of their actual physical world. It will provide users of the devices with an easy way to obtain information simply by using their mobile device’s phone feature.

For example, by aiming the camera of a mobile phone at a café, the right app would allow the user to observe a 3D image overtop of the image of the real world, which would provide them information such as the day’s special coffee or user reviews of that particular shop.

It is expected that augmented reality will provide significant enhancements into the advertising and marketing industries as a whole. Qualcomm, a global technology firm with locations in Johannesburg for service to sub-Sahara Africa, has already launched a software platform for augmented reality, in order to permit software writers to create apps that will provide the possibility of augmented reality to mobile device users.

According to Qualcomm, augmented reality itself isn’t a service or an application, but is instead a “user interface technology that enhances applications and services.” Its platform is already allowing developers to begin their creation of apps based upon it.

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