Audi makes use of augmented reality for new marketing campaign

augmented reality audi

augmented reality audiAudi embraces augmented reality for marketing

While augmented reality sees more use in prosthesis and as a key technology for wearable computer systems, it remains a powerful marketing tool that continues to have a strong effect on consumers around the world. Augmented reality is an ideal mobile marketing tool because of its interactive nature. With the number of consumers with smartphones and tablets rising, more companies have been working to adopt and make use of augmented reality for marketing purposes. Audi is one of those companies.

Marketing campaign shows off R8 V10

Audi has launched a new marketing campaign for its R8 V10. The campaign is called “Evolution On The Outside, Revolution On The Inside” and it makes use of augmented reality that offers consumers a glimpse at the company’s new high-powered vehicle. Kristian Dena, national communications manager for Audi UK, claims that augmented reality opens up a new world of marketing potential, allowing the automaker to engage with consumers that have become very reliant on their mobile devices.

Audi teams with Blippar

For the campaign, Audi has teamed with Blippar, a leading developer of augmented reality applications. Several digital experiences have been embedded in the various poster and print advertisements that are being used with the campaign. These experiences can be accessed through smartphones and tablets that are equipped with the Blippar augmented reality application. The initial stages of the campaign offer consumers access to a video that shows off the design and hints at the performance of the new R8 V10.

Augmented reality marketing wins favor with automakers

Audi is not the first automaker to make use of augmented reality for the sake of marketing. Last year, Toyota also put the technology to use by giving consumers a way to virtually test drive one of its high-performance vehicles. Typically, augmented reality marketing campaigns tend to attract a great deal of attention from tech-savvy consumers who are won over by the interactivity of the technology. Audi expects to generate a great deal of hype through its new augmented reality campaign.

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