Atos unveils new mobile payment application

Mobile apps payments

Mobile payment application

Mobile payment application to bring new features to m-commerce

Atos Worldline, a leading mobile commerce company, has announced the launch of a new mobile payment application that is ready to use around the world. The mobile payment platform is compliant with specifications coming from Visa and MasterCard and is billed as one of the most robust applications released to the mobile commerce market to date. The mobile payment application is among the first to make use of cloud-based services that have been developed by Atos Worldline.

Atos combines cloud computing with mobile payments

The mobile payment application is connected to a cloud computing network, which offers enhanced security for mobile transactions and allows the application to bring a wide range of features to consumers. The application relies on NFC technology to facilitate transactions made at point-of-sale, but the financial information used in these transactions is stored in the cloud network rather than on the mobile device itself. Atos notes a growing number of companies are beginning to accept mobile transactions around the world and believes that the time is right to invest heavily in the m-commerce industry.

M-commerce market full of competition

The Atos mobile payment application is not the first of its kind by far. The mobile commerce market is currently inundated with a wide range of similar applications, often called mobile wallets, which aim to win the favor of consumers. Google, for instance, has had its Wallet application out for more than a year, a significant head start over those just coming into the market. Atos aims to differentiate itself from competitors by using a straightforward approach to mobile commerce and integrating a sleuth of innovative features within the application itself.

Consumers show support for mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is gaining momentum around the world. Most major financial and banking institutions have shown support for m-commerce and have begun investing in emboldening the infrastructure needed to support mobile payments. Though the availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices is still low, mobile commerce has still managed to find favor with tech-savvy consumers who are keen to abandon physical currency and cards in favor of using their smart phones.

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