ARworks creates virtual fashion show for Vodafone

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Augmented reality and fashion join forces once again

Telecommunications company Vodafone has teamed with ARworks, a developer of augmented reality applications, to bring new technology to its upcoming fashion show. ARworks has developed an experience for Vodafone built upon the JUNAIO augmented reality platform. Augmented reality is becoming more popular in the world of fashion, especially for designers who are looking for a new medium through which to show off their talent. Consumers have taken a liking to augmented reality because of the interactive experience it provides.

Augmented reality fashion show available on smart phones

ARworks has designed the virtual fashion show as part of Vodafone’s Gombold Ujra competition. The competition was held for fashion designers who wanted to show off their latest creations. Using ARworks’ mobile application, smart phone users can see these 11 different designs from the winner of the competition. These designs adorn several different models, all of whom can be seen in any environment using augmented reality.

Smart phone users can share their experiences on Facebook and Twitter

Using the JUNAIO augmented reality browser, smart phone users will be able to scan QR codes associated with the Vodafone fashion show. The app can super impose these models on the real world environment, allowing users to see them as if they were actually there. These digital images can be positioned around the environment to suit the likes of the application’s user. The user will also be able to take pictures of the images and share them on various social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Fashion and augmented reality may continue to mingle in the future

Augmented reality and fashion are beginning to form a tight bond. The technology has allowed fashion designers to reach out to a new audience and display their creations in a more engaging way. Consumers have, thus far, responded well to the use of augmented reality in the fashion industry, though some consider the technology to be nothing more than a gimmick. Companies like ARworks are showing how augmented reality is becoming an inseparable part of fashion and is allowing a glimpse of how the technology will be used in the future.

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