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Though it had previously pointed to ChatGPT, it is now directing users to instead. website users seeking to use ChatGPT might be surprised to discover that the site now directs to Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence project

It appears that OpenAI no longer has control of the domain, so it doesn’t direct to ChatGPT anymore.

OpenAI had control over the domain starting in February 2023, but it looks as though that has entirely changed now as the site no longer redirects to their artificial intelligence. Instead, it sends users to

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While it’s somewhat common for domain names to change hands over time, this is not typically the case with particularly simple or appealing domains such as the two-letter .com switch that has taken place between the AI companies. When this type of move takes place, it usually comes with a high price tag. OpenAI’s acquisition of the domain had been estimated to be close to the price paid for the acquisition of, which was $3.8 million.

As artificial intelligence has taken off in popularity, it could be that has paid a great deal more.

The popularity of AI has risen substantially since OpenAI purchased the domain. This could mean that the price has taken off as well, and that paid far more than OpenAI did.

This domain purchase arrived shortly after the renaming of Twitter to X, leading the company to obtain and have it redirect to the social media platform.

While Elon Musk doesn’t typically hold back about the strategies he is implementing when it comes to his businesses, by the time this article was written, he hadn’t said a word about his decision to purchase the domain and have it redirect to his artificial intelligence project.

Some are speculating that this is just one of many steps Musk is taking to broaden the AI ecosystem. Though a domain redirect isn’t the key to anything that large, it could play its part in a much larger big picture. It will be interesting to see if Musk is more outspoken about other plans he has for the growth of the project.

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